Monday, June 11, 2012

Tips and Tricks (and a freebie)

Some of the best tips are the obvious simple ones. So, I was up ubber early this morning (like 5am) cuz my hubs started a new job and as I was thinking of what to do today I came across an activity that my kiddos did for Mother's Day.  What does this have to do with tips you ask?  Well,as I uploaded the photos I recalled that I loved these portraits so much because of the tip one of my awesome teammates gave me.  As we all admired her student's work and how well they ALL seemed to draw, she told us about outlining the pictures with a black marker.  Who knew?  It seemed so obvious yet somehow I'd never thought of it!
Here are a few of my kiddos pictures

Aren't they adorable?  I got the simile paper as a freebie on TPT.  I did tell the kiddos that they could only draw from the shoulders up and that their picture should fill the page.  I also encouraged them to color in the background.
So then I started thinking about having students do portraits like these of themselves.  I made up my own page to go with the portraits and plan on putting them up the first couple of weeks of school while we get to know each other.  Maybe I will attempt a portrait of myself and make up a teacher sheet :)  What do you think?
Here is my sheet if you would like to have it...
I'm a Second Grader!

I hope you enjoy!



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