Sunday, November 25, 2012

Native Americans (freebie), cranberry relish, and fudge...

Yep, I did it all...first, my kiddos finished up their first research project on the I-Pads! They had to work in a group and make a poster to share with the rest of the class about one of six regions/tribes of Native Americans.  Each student had a square with specific information they had to find and illustrate.  The group of six then put their poster together and presented to the class.  This was an awesome way to jigsaw what can be a lot of information.  The kiddos loved being able to use the I-Pads to research and it really kept everyone engaged and talking about the topic.  In case you are interested, this is what we did...
Native American Poster Project

In the course of our studies on Native Americans, we came across a really simple recipe for Cranberry Relish that we decided to make for our Friendship Feast! All you need are these...
put them in a small food get this....add sugar to taste...
and you end up with these...for your own fridge or as a gift!
This was a real hit! Not only with my class but with my family as well! I also now have a garnish for those turkey sandwiches I'll be eating for the next week or so! ;)

Speaking of daughter is obsessed with the mustaches...have you seen this new trend?  I know what to shop for this year! 
I also got a head start on making my peanut butter fudge this year! Yep...the first batch is already gone and peanut butter is on the shopping list so that I can make more!  I'll also be trying this fabulous looking fudge this year thanks to Pinterest!  It has definitely motivated me to try new things!  I think that's a good thing! 
So with visions of vacation dancing in my head, I'm off to enjoy a fire and a cocktail before going back to work tomorrow. Counting down the days til winter break! Enjoy =)

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