Saturday, June 2, 2012

3rd Year is a Charm Right?

So...I've spent the day filing away my leftover papers from the year!  I'm not finished by any stretch of the imagination but I am proud of myself for having started!  I've thrown away a trash bag full of stuff that would have just taken up space for the next few years! 
As I start to prepare for my 3rd year of teaching, I am reflecting on what I have learned so that I can be more efficient for next years kiddos.  One of the things I know is that I have to be better with my writing program!  Along with this I want to incorporate a little more character education as this seems to be really lacking lately!  I found this Sunflower Journal as a way to incorporate the two and I plan to have my students use it for their morning work.  What a great way to start the day :) 
     I plan to make these up in yellow folders that the kiddos will hopefully take pride in!

What kind of ideas are you finding for next years group of kiddos?


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