Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting ready and Cambridge Primary...

I have been so busy lately, I just haven't been able to fit blogging in! In the middle of taking 2 classes for my Reading Endorsement, I just found out that I will be teaching the 2nd Grade Cambridge class! I am super excited but it involves an online training class! Has anyone else had any experience with this program? I have googled but haven't come up with much other than the official site! I am thinking it will be interesting to blog about my experience as I go through this year! It should be so much fun to have a class full of motivated learners! I can't wait to see what depths we can go to!

I have also started getting my classroom ready,Yikes,we have to report on Monday July 30th! We are lucky that we actually got into our rooms a little early this year so I feel way ahead in that area! I've even fit in making some new products for my TPT store! I'd love for you to check out what I have so far and if you like, leave me some positive feedback!  I have a little activity that my kiddos always love to do the first week of school to share with you.  It's a "Find Someone Who" that I just added a little I-Pod to! I know my daughter is super attached to hers so I'm making up some things that I think will appeal to today's kiddos!  Enjoy!

Here's hoping I get a lot accomplished at school tomorrow!!  I'm almost done with my labels and now I'm thinking I need some new August calendar numbers =)
Have a good night ya'll!

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