Monday, July 1, 2013

Bloglovin has taken over and I have a new (sort of) name...

So apparently, if you want your blog on Bloglovin you have to write a post and paste the code in it to claim your blog as your own!  I'm really trying hard to keep up with all of the technological changes but sure didn't see this one coming! Oh don't get me wrong , I did notice quite a few of my favorite blogs had the button with the choice to follow them this way but sure didn't realize that it would be mandatory! That's okay though, I've taken care of moving all of my blogs over and it was rather easy!  Don't delay though, if you haven't done it, today is the last day!  Nothing like waiting until the last minute huh?! ;)
So here is my Bloglovin link...

 Follow me on Bloglovin

Sorry for the short, boring post! I have been trying hard to make some decisions concerning next year and once I do I'll know what to do! It looks like I'll be changing grades no matter what and I'm a little sad about that cause I sure have loved 2nd grade.  I'm pretty flexible though so I plan on making the best of whatever ends up happening! Trying to think of possible new names for my blog and store and will probably just go to Spots and Dots until something strikes me in a way I can't ignore!

Have a happy 4th and be safe!



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