Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can I do this by myself?

So, I've found all kinds of tutorials on how to set up an awesome blog design!  I am watching them and trying to get one set that I really like.  In the middle of getting things ready for my new classroom, which I was hoping to get into Monday! Alas, we can finally get in today!  I can't believe school is starting in a little over a week.....YIKES....can I possibly be ready?  Well, I am going in this morning to see what I have to work with and maybe clean a little (I am admittedly a clean freak).  I will post pics of my progress!
Thanks to all of the wonderful teachers out there who are so generous with sharing their hard work, I have made many new things for my new kiddos this year.  Here is an example of a few.  I found the wonderful plastic file folders to hold these great FREE centers at The Dollar Tree.  They come in 3 packs!  For a dollar!  Can't beat that!!
I will be watching the tutorial on signatures later this evening! 


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